Big Cuts Menu

1 Choice of Meat
6 Side Dishes
1 Dessert

| $1800 – $3200 |
| 10pax – 20ax |

1 Choice of Meat
8 Side Dishes
1 Dessert

| $1900 – $ 3500|
| 10pax – 40pax |

Wagyu T-­Bone

The traditional hearty steak lovers cut, with the characteristic t-shaped bone through the centre, carrying flavour loaded and tender meat, combining the best of strip steak and tenderloin.

Wagyu Tomahawk

The rib eye of the steak, with the rib bone left in. You can enjoy the contrasting flavors and textures of the steak. Combining with the delectable meat nestling close to the bone along the rib itself.

 45 days Aged OP Rib / Côte de bœuf

This French cut is a favorite of ours; it’s called rib eye on the bone. We believe in the benefits of cooking meat on the bone – as nature intended. The structure of the bone allows for heat to spread evenly throughout the meat, and the marrow juice the bones contain flavor the entire dish. The muscle develops from use gives the meat superb structure and texture. 

Pork Tomahawk

The finest reared pork with firm pink flesh and solid white fat. This cut is a rare find due to the difficulty of cutting the joint. It consists of the tenderloin in combination with a St Louis rib. Not forgetting the delicious back fat that melts into the meat. Only five of these are available on each side of the pig. We are able to cook them as individual “dinosaur” chops or as a whole roast to share amongst friends.


Truffle mashed potato

Mustard potato salad 

Potato Gratin

Baked potato with sour cream

Crispy pomme rosti with lemon creme fraiche

Roasted mix vegetable

Pickled Beetroot salad

Parsley root fries

Oven-roasted brussels sprouts with bacon bits and pine nuts

Sauté forest mushroom

Confit vine ripened tomato

Confit garlic

Shiraz caramelized onion


What Is This Menu ?

This menu is designed for carnivores who loves to have a hearty meal of meats. For both casual and formal dining event, our big cuts can be served as a large cut for sharing or on a man-sized plate. The highlight of this menu is to cook the whole cut of meat, such as bone-in leg, lamb rack, or beef ribs, keeping their juice and flavor.

Who Should Consider ?

If you are meat lovers or you are throwing a premium BBQ Party.

Why This Menu ?

Enjoy the freshness and delicious cuts of meat that is rare to be found in a restaurant. And most importantly, at the perfect doneness from the experienced chef.

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