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 Throw a BBQ party without any hassle! We cater Quality BBQ food with professional Chef service.

Looking For Premier BBQ For Your Party?

Although barbecues are fun, they can be a lot of work and worry for the host. Especially when you cater something premium for your party. Quality food such as tomahawk steak, Mangalica Pork, Oysters often requires more experience to handle. It’s easy for things to go wrong, and the barbecue of your dreams ends up burnt on the outside, raw in the middle, worst of all, the whole thing goes up in smoke!

Why leave it to chance? Relax and let our experts customize your menu and create the finest, melt in the mouth barbecue for your party.

Professional Chef For Your BBQ Party !

Chef De Maison offers customized BBQ service including menu planning, event organizing, and butler service. We provide equipment including BBQ grill, charcoal, herbs, and woods that are essential to save all your hassle. You can literally leave everything to us.  

We are professional chefs who are experienced in planning and organizing the party. We specialize in cooking premium meats and seafood. Each of us has our secret recipes giving your barbecue the special flavors! And your party is going to be attracting and unique, leaving people thinking of organizing one! Check out our menus below !





Does Your Chef Know

Charcoal & Temperature
“Choose The Right Charcoal”
Different charcoal creates different flavors and colors for your food. Our BBQ Chef knows how to pair the charcoal and barbecue food correctly. So that the food tastes delicious and unique with the smoky flavor.
“Control The Temperature”

Controlling the temperature sounds easy, but it requires many years of experience. Our chef has the skill to maintain a steady smoking temperature, gauge the temperature of the food, and the humidity in the pit.

Blue Smoke & Smoky Flavor
“Create The Blue Smoke”
You don’t want the thick gray fog that contains the too much unhealthy substance. What you need is a soft blue smoke which is a sign of high-quality smoke. And only with high-quality smoke that your food will taste delicious and with the right smoky flavor. Not sure how to do it? Save all the hassle, leave it to our expert chef.
“Create The Smoky Flavor”

Controlling the humidity in the pit and the surface of the meat are crucial to giving your well-smoked food its smoky flavor.Our BBQ Chef will always make sure the surface of the food is moist enough for the smoke to stick on. So that your food will always taste delicious.

Marinating & Doneness
“Marinating & Seasoning”
To ensure the flavor of the food is consistent. Our chef will always massage the meat to make sure it absorbs the flavor of the seasoning. Of course, a killer recipe is always important.
“Control The Doneness”
The most critical factor to control doneness is knowing the temperature of the food’s surface. Your  BBQ chef needs to observe the color of the surface, texture, and tenderness, and it will tell the chef how long the meat will reach its perfect doneness. Let’s assured that there’s no risk of wasting a single premium steak when you hire a BBQ chef from us.

Why You Need A Professional Chef For BBQ Party ?


A research on occasion based behavior conducted by The Hartman Group shows that people at a social event would expect quality food paired with alcohol beverage, and prefer special food prepared just for them.

At Chef De Maison, our chefs have years of experience in organizing events. We see ourselves as event chefs that are able to plan your event and advise you professionally.

We offer top of the range meats and seafood with the delectable side dishes. We provide drinks to pair with the right food giving your party the perfect finishing touch. The drinks can be served by free flow or by quantity basis up to your preference.

In short, you have all the flexibility to choose what you want, you may also tell us your preference, and we will recommend the suitable package for you to choose for.

Chef De Maison is passionate about delivering premium food and dining service. We always take extra miles to prepare the special dishes our guests requested,such as Spanish suckling pig, wagyu tomahawk steak, Boston lobster, jumbo squid, and much more.

During your BBQ party, our chef will take care of the serving of food. and the butler will ensure your guests are well taken care of. A premium BBQ party always make people appreciate and see you as someone with class and dignity while you save the hassle and soak up the compliments!

And just before leaving, our chefs and staff will whisk away the equipment, leaving your venue sweet and clean! You and your guests can continue to enjoy the beautiful moment.

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Count on us to organise your BBQ event. For a networking event, our service will make you look good and class. For a casual party for friends and family, it shows a lot to your guests. Contact us today and see how we can help your special occasion.

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