Cocktail Catering Singapore

We bring cocktails to your party. Set up a Portable Bar & Let our Bartender Mix It Up

Looking for bartending service for your house party?

Why not impress your guests with a unique party experience! – By serving all your preferred drinks on-site with our portable bar service.

With our mobile bar catering service, you can enjoy the best cocktails and alcohol drinks without hitting any bars or clubs. We’ll even create a special signature cocktail for you, just to be served at your party. Or, if you have an important and honored guest, you can present them with a cocktail named just for them. Tell the bartenders and get your preferred drinks right on the spot.

What is in our beverage menu?

Exotic new cocktails, old favorites, top shelf liquors, international beers, virgin cocktails, fruit juices, sparkling water from secret springs, fine wines, and champagnes – whatever your heart desires, all served in the perfect glasses at the correct temperature.

Having a cocktail bar is great for both casual and formal events. New to hosting a cocktail party? Don’t worry. Our friendly and professional bartender will advise you and assist you to make your dream party come true! Simply provide a place for us to set up and store the ice. And we will transform your place into a truly party heaven.

To our Mobile Bar Service, why not add our canape catering service? With delightful drinks and delicious morsels of food, even the most discerning guest will feel happy and pampered.

Contact us today and let’s work on your parties together!

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