Dessert Catering Singapore

Throw a delicious dessert party with our chef’s choices

What are the themes for your dessert table?

We work with you to devise the theme for your event. We can create birthday cakes and special desserts which are unique for you. Popular themes include Flowers, The Sky at Night, Tropical Delight, Fruits of the Forest Cake, Death By Chocolate, Cocktail Deserts (with an alcoholic kick), I Dream Of Ice Cream, Sweet Memory Lane – the list goes on, and you can suggest your own exciting theme. You can be sure that we never repeat the same variation on a theme twice – your dessert tables will never be like any other.

How do we set up your dessert table?

Looking for customized dessert catering to sweeten up your special day?Want a dessert table cater for your event?

You may get confused, so is it a dessert table catering or is it a dessert catering !

Having a hen party before your wedding? Your mom or grandma has reached a landmark birthday? Having a baby shower for your sister? Or perhaps, you just want a delightful and frivolous idea to look good and entertain your friends and relations.

Look no further than our innovative Desert Table Catering Service, the most fashionable way to your party. We will present for your guests’ pleasure some of the finest desserts you have ever tasted, we are able to frame them on a table which is decorated to thrill and delight everybody who sees it.

We bring everything you need to the party site. A large backdrop representing the theme, balloons, party favors, flowers, indoor fireworks, colour co-ordinated tableware and napkins, we can even provide party gift bags if you so desire. Your guests will gasp in admiration when they see the magical setting for the delicious deserts.

What can you expect from the desserts?

From the furthest reaches of the planet, we select fresh fruits, luscious creams, flavoursome nuts, unique and rich marques of chocolate, exotic coffees, the tangiest yogurts, which we then combine into delectable creations, bound together with the airiest patisserie. Not only a feast for the taste buds but an artistic delight for the eyes.

How Dessert Table Catering save your hassle?

The great thing is, you can leave everything to us. The shopping, the dessert making, the design, the setting up, the serving and the clearing away. All you have to do is work on the concept (or leave it to us too) and accept the lavish compliments of your guests!

How to make your party more special?

For real impact, combine our Desert Table Service with our Mobile Bar. Cocktails and Dessert – what a great combination for a ladies’ party! We can even provide a non-alcoholic mocktail service, with rare sparkling waters, fruit juices, smoothies, milk drinks and more, all dressed up for a party.
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