Mobile Oyster Bar

 We Shuck! You Slurp! Oyster Party at home!

Looking for fresh oysters for your dining event? Why not organize a unique oyster party at your place! – By having an oyster bar set up and serving freshly flown in oysters with traditional accompaniments.

With our Mobile Oyster Bar, you may now enjoy the best oysters shucked on-site without visiting any restaurant or hotel!

How do we ensure safety when serving raw oysters?

We keep the raw oysters in the shell and shuck on-site right before you  consume. It prevents the debris and will keep the oysters fresh.

We store the oysters on ice and serve freshly flown in oysters that are not more than 3 days. We check each oyster and discard those with damaged and open shell. We observe the appearance of oysters and only serve the freshest to you and your guests.

How do we ensure the freshness of oysters?

Knowing that price and size is not the determining factors. In fact, size has nothing to do with the taste and flavor. To ensure our oysters are fresh and quality, we look for the harvest date and always keep track from our suppliers.   We choose suppliers that provide traceability and import oysters from the safe region.

How do we determine freshness when we shuck?

A fresh oyster will attach firmly to its shell and can shuck easily using the knife. The oyster meat should look shiny, plump, and translucent. The oyster liquor should smell like seawater and look clear.

Oyster Package Highlight

Choose from our selection of oysters freshly flown in from France, Ireland and the US.

Choice of selection:

  • A simple oyster package of perfect Fine de Claire Oysters.
  • A little more variety with a choice of oysters for a party.
  • A heavenly seafood selection of oysters, clams, lobster, fish tartare and prawns

Add on for the height of luxury:

  •  choice of premium caviars

Check out our Oyster Menu to find out more!


Oyster Bar Package

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